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The colourful lamps of the Guri Guri-collection are like young boys playing on the beach. By varying the colours, shapes and structure of the natural material Linde Freya created different, cheerful characters. Although most lamps are completely made out of the natural Carnaúba fibres, she added some extra local flavour by integrating commonly used plastic treads.


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Natural and colored Carnaúba
Medium lamps: circa 17 cm diameter – 37 cm long
Small lamps: circa 13 cm diameter – 31 cm long
Can be bought separately

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Guri Guri was created during a residency of three Belgian designers and one Belgian curator who shared for three weeks life and work in a cute pink house in Santa Isabel, an island in the magisterial setting of the Brazilian Delta do Parnaíba. Amongst all the jewels this region has to offer, the Carnaúba palm is the one that shines most. Besides being beautiful the Carnaúba is environmentally and economically vital for the region. The ‘joias’ we present here are made from the sun-dried fibres of this tree, a rich material that is worked by the artisans of this colourful village.