Joias connects people, their stories and their cultural traditions. We stimulate a global dialogue, bringing together artisans and designers from different places around the world. In doing so, we create authentic, handmade objects that will bring a sparkling joie de vivre into your home.

By actively stimulating the cocreation between artisans and designers during residencies, Joias wants to maintain artisanal traditions, but at the same time push its boundaries towards the world of contemporary design. This way, we want to reveal the potential of unconventional materials, techniques and makers across the globe in order to help them to preserve their cultural heritage.

Through its sensual glocal objects Joias invites everybody to a journey around the world embracing the positive opportunities that globalisation brings. Our unique slow design objects are carefully produced in limited series by local artisans. They are the fruit of a human, intercultural dialogue, treasuring each other’s identity and local culture. It is from this that Joias draws its emotional power.

Inspired by its cosmopolitan hometown Brussels, Joias invites you to leave the well-trodden paths, get connected to people and stories from around the world and be free to compose your own identity. Cheers to a liberatingly,  joyful living.

Tudo joia!